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Why use Spray Foam Insulation?

Use of spray foam insulation can provide benefits to a business or home owners in a variety of ways.  It is an ideal method for insulating commercial and residential buildings.  Here are four ideas to consider when making your insulation choice. 

Healthy Buildings
Spray foam creates a healthier building by cutting down on air leakages.  Decreasing air leakage prevents condensation within the envelope.  Removing this condensation creates an environment that does not support the growth of mold and mildew.  Spray foam also improves the indoor air quality by reducing the movement of dust and pollen for outside the building.

Structural Strength 
The structural advantage attributed to spray foam insulation roofs and wall systems can be tied to spray foam's strong adhesion, lack of fasteners, and absence of joints or edges. 

Seamless Air Barrier
A 2005 National Institute of Science and Technology study reports that energy saving up to 62% can be realized using air leakage prevention measures in homes and buildings.  Preventing air leakage can also help to avoid probelms with moisture, noise, dust, pollutants, insects, and rodents.

Moisture Transmission
Only closed-cell spray foam is classified as an "acceptable flood resistant material" by FEMA.  Flood resistant materials are capable of withstanding direct and prolonged contact with floodwater without sustaining significant damage.

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