Brett Corbett   (802) 309-3183

Kingdom Spray Foam is an owner operated company specializing in closed cell spray foam insulation.  The company is available to help you meet and exceed the expectations of the state and your customers.  Spray foam is a high density polyurethane foam product with a very high R-value.  It is mold, mildew, and rodent resistant.  It is non-permeable to water and is an excellent vapor barrier.  As the foam is sprayed in place, it is effective in sealing out air while it fills gaps and voids.   

Kingdom Spray Foam
580 Vermont Route 111
Derby, Vermont 05829

(802) 309-3183

Benefits of 
spray foam:
*Cut energy bills

*Strengthen the structure

*Stop air and moisture intrusions

*Protect the internal air from mold,  airborne pollutants  and allergens 
creating a healthy  building
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